Dear Maddox,

You are now 28 weeks old! I can’t believe it…. You only have 12 more weeks to be in there… Me and your dad are getting more and more excited and we can’t wait to see you! We saw the doctor on Monday.. He listened to your heartbeat and said you and I both looked great.. I smiled and you did a somersault.. I think you were celebrating with me :)

My pregnant crazies are hitting full force lately.. I can’t get enough pumpkin flavored anything.. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice lattes.. and when someone mentioned a pumpkin doughnut this morning my mouth started watering! That and bubble gum flavored gum… We spend a lot of our time in the bathroom these days and you’re getting so big now even strangers notice you! You are about 2.5 lbs and they say you’re going to be really fattening up these next few weeks {we both are :)} You’re going to need all those chubs.. It’s going to be cold when you get here. Plus I think chubby cheeks are the most kissable.. I hope your cheeks are ready for all my kisses!

I am so thankful that I get to be your mom! Thank you, Jesus. I love you so much my precious baby boy. Keep on kickin’ me like crazy… I love it :)


your mom

28 weeks.. In the bathroom again. Told you we spent a lot of time in there :)


One Reply to “Dear Maddox,”

  1. you are so beautiful!!!! and i cannot believe maddox is 28 weeks old! i feel like it was just a month ago when i was trying to squeeze it out of you that you are preggo. haha! i miss you marge and i can’t waiiiitttt to see you this weekend!! xoxo oh and i’m praying the house will get sold.

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