Happy birthday Dexter!


{I wrestled him for probably 15 minutes last night to try and get a picture in a birthday hat just for this blog post and this is the ONLY one I got.. He was not feeling that hat…. We might try again today, if I can muster up the energy!}

Dexter is the best dog and we have absolutely loved having him as part of our family:) He has the funniest personality and makes us laugh all the time. He is seriously like a little kid… So curious about everything, cannot contain himself when he meets someone new {like literally goes insane} and he wants to be with us all. the. time. I know he can’t wait for us to get into a house with a yard again… He does so much better when he can play and get his energy out during the day…  plus I feel terrible that he’s cooped up all day long every day! We’re working on it Dexter! Promise :)

I’m so excited about seeing him and Maddox together… I think  they will  be best friends and it will be so much fun for Maddox to have a dog to grow up with! Here’s some pictures from our past year with Dex..

Puppy sweetness!

The day we got him :)

Getting bigger… look at those paws!

His “I’m sorry” face.

He sleeps like this a lot.

Ate that baseball in about 2.5 seconds.

We love you Dexteezy! Happy 1st birthday:)


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