You know you live in a small town when..

I forget sometimes how small our town is. I know its small but it doesn’t always feel that small… And then something like this happens to me and I remember…

Saturday I bought a changing table from a cute little antique store… I was so excited about it and went right home to paint it! I didn’t end up liking the color sample I had picked, so Sunday I went back to Wal-Mart to look at colors again. It was then that I realized my credit card was missing…. After searching my purse and Justin’s truck, I racked my brain about when I had used it last, and remembered it was Saturday at the antique store.. Of course, it was closed Sunday. So I decided to wait until Monday and call up there to see if they had it. They’re closed on Mondays too. Seriously? I was getting kinda worried. What if it wasn’t at the store and someone had my credit card?? I was mid freak-out Monday morning when this older woman came into my office, asked if I was Mrs. Mills and told me she had a message for me. I didn’t know this woman at all, and she started telling me what church she attended.. I was really confused but didn’t want to be rude so I just smiled and nodded. She then went on to tell me that she talked to Mrs. Hamilton Sunday morning… More confusion. More smiling. More nodding. Finally she told me that I left my card at the antique store and the owner of the store {Mrs. Hamilton} knew I worked at the school and sent her to come tell me she had my credit card!!! How crazy is that? I was so relieved! And when I called the store to tell them I would be by after work to pick up the card Mrs. Hamilton offered to come by the school and bring it to me… I’m still not really sure how she knew I worked here… Yep. Small town :) Love it!

Here’s the changing table :) If anyone wants to come over and help me paint this puppy, be my guest!! All those spindles are killer..



3 Replies to “You know you live in a small town when..”

  1. i love this because i can picture you smiling and nodding with no clue where the woman was going with the story. ha aannnnd i’m glad you found your credit card. worst feeling everrrrrr

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