Fair Fun…

This past weekend was closing weekend for the Perry Fair and I got to go for the first time ever :)

We went with Matt and Lindsey and it was so much fun! I knew the fair was big, but for some reason I still pictured a kind of dinky set-up in a field. When I was in high school a “fair”, if you will, came to the Winn-Dixie parking lot for a few weeks.. there were a few rides a tiny Ferris Wheel and some food… That’s what I had in my head.

This was a fair.. I felt more like I was at Six Flags! Yummy, terrible for you, food.. Overpriced and impossible games for stupid stuffed animals that are somehow kind of appealing {What are you really going to do with a 4 ft long stuffed dolphin}? Roller coasters that I was super bummed I couldn’t ride… did I mention the food? And lots of cool animals! My first Fair experience was a blast and I got excited thinking about being able to take Maddox in the future:)

Maybe next time I won’t be pregnant so I can ride the Avalanche:)


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