three things

1. I decided for my birthday this year what I wanted was some nice make-up. I’ve been wearing cheap-o stuff from Walmart for forever and while I have a few things/brands I like, I’ve been really wanting good quality, good for your skin, make-up! So yesterday I went and finally got me some :) I decided to go with Bare Minerals… And I know I’ve only been wearing it for about 3 hours total so my opinion carries little to no validity, but I really like it! Thanks mom and dad:) Mom also got me this cute little table runner! I love the color, love the burlap and love the little saying! Super cute.

Happy birthday to me:)

2. I mentioned the other day that I wanted to make some of these photo canvases with pictures of Maddox once he got here… Well, 3 months is just too long to wait.. I really wanted to know how they would turn out so I made this one last night..

I think it looks pretty good! I learned a few things that I will change for next time but I think it turned out nice for my first attempt. Justin was impressed too. You can click here for the tutorial I used:)

3. According to my baby bump app only 100 more days until Maddox gets here! Eeeeeeeee!

25 weeks 6 days… Taken this morning:) In the bathroom at work…

Aaand those are my three things… Happy hump day blog world!!


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