Last weekend: puppies, 24 weeks, and birthday dinner!!!

We went to Dublin last weekend to do some housecleaning, yard work, and meet up with my parents! It was great to be home..

No, Justin didn’t get me a new puppy for my birthday… but we did get to play with a bunch of our neighbors pit bull puppies:) We got home on Saturday and noticed that our neighbors dog had her litter of puppies. They were so cute and we reached through the fence to play with them a little bit. I really wanted to bring them into our yard and play more but didn’t want their mom to get upset.  We were left to just letting them lick our hands and chew on our toes through the fence…..

Until… Sunday when Justin went out to finish some yard work before church and he noticed a hole the puppies had dug and one trying to squeeze under the fence… He was successful!

And it wasn’t long before we had 5 of the 7 puppies running around our yard, playing with Dexter, drinking out of his bowl, and busting through the screen on our screened in porch!

Justin and I were cracking up because they were getting under the fence and into our yard faster than we could put them back in theirs and plug the hole! Dexter was loving the company.

We {and by we, I mean Justin} finally found a brick to block off the hole… All the puppies were soo sad they couldn’t play more.. I was sad too.. Just look at those sweet faces!

There’s really not anything much cuter than a bunch of puppies running around, playing and wrestling with each other!

Yes, we were late to church:)

We hit 24 weeks over here on Friday.. Woohoo!! Maddox is now the size of a rutabaga, 13.5 inches, he weighs 1.7lbs, and his kicks get stronger by the day! I have been thinking a lot about what/who he will look like… I’m just so curious and can’t wait see his little face!!!!!! Cannot believe I am almost done with the second trimester… So crazy!

Like I said we got to see my parents too! They went to watch Hannah play Volleyball on Saturday afternoon and came through Dublin on their way back to take Justin and I out to eat for my birthday:) It was so much fun! Dublin doesn’t have a lot of local restaurants {maybe they do and I’m just not aware of them, but I only know of a few} and I really wanted to go somewhere that my parents had never been. So we decided on “Tumpies”. Its a steakhouse in an old house with a really cool atmosphere! Lots of old vintagy signs, beat-up looking stuff, cardboard cut-outs of Elvis, old records on the walls… It’s really neat! We all enjoyed our food and it was so much fun to get to be with my parents! Thank you mom and dad for a great birthday dinner:) I had so much fun with y’all and love you both so much!

{I spy Dexter… and a baby bump!!}

Not sure where my brain was {seems to be a daily occurrence as of late} and didn’t try and get a picture of all 4 of us.. What? Dang pregnancy brain!

Happy Wednesday :)


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