A good report, and my baby room wish list…

I had another doctor’s appointment yesterday! Maddox is doing great:) Doctor said we both looked good and that he was very pleased… Music to my ears! I really couldn’t have dreamed for a better pregnancy. I am still feeling great and so thankful for such a healthy, active baby boy inside of me… So active, in fact, the doctor had a hard time nailing down a heart rate for Maddox because he was seriously all over the place!! I guess he’s loving this whole thing as much as I am:)

We’re still in the process of selling the house….. Some recent interest has us excited, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up! I am itching {literally, my belly’s starting to ITCH!} to make a room for Maddox and its killing me not to have anywhere to do that! Pinterest is inspiring me with all these great ideas and no where to put them! Ahhh!

I want to make these..

and some of these pom poms.. not in pink of course! {I want that crib too}

I want a picture like this when my belly gets a little bigger.

I want this pattern in this color somewhere in his room… Bumper maybe?

Something will be orange… I’m thinking the changing table!

I made these for a few weddings this summer and want to make something similar.. I would hang it on the wall rather than nail it to a post…. It will either have his name or a Bible verse on it..

And I can’t wait to make one of these photo canvases with a picture of my precious little Maddox on it:)

So many ideas floating around this little head of mine:) Got lots to do!



2 Replies to “A good report, and my baby room wish list…”

  1. i wish we could live in the same city and pinterest every day and have that be our job. that would be the besssstttt thing in the entire world. and we could play with maddox and do crafts all day everyday. SOOOO excited to hear your appt went so well!!!! love yall.

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