Did you know Justin’s a poet?

While Justin and I were engaged I made us one of those wedding websites on theknot.com. There are different sections to fill out like how you met, the proposal, about the bride, about the groom etc…. I didn’t want to write about myself so I asked Justin to write the “about the bride” section for me… When I checked back this is what I found…

I found her in Psychology of Gender.
My eager to get to know her would not hinder.
The professor might have been a little whack,
But my love for Mags could have caused a heart attack.
Though I tossed from here to there,
It was undeniable, we were meant to be a pair.
Now I love her so much it gives me chills;
I just can’t wait for the day she becomes Maggie Mills.

Esta poema es “legal”. No puedo esperar para el 24 de Abril. Maggie es un bendicion tan grande en mi vida, y doy gracias a Dios por este regalo! 

Translation: This poem is “legit”. I can’t wait for April 24. Maggie is a big blessing in my life, and I give thanks to God for this gift!

How sweet is he?!? I started thinking about this poem today and went on the knot to hunt for it:) I’m soo glad I found it… Makes me smile. The website also told me that we have been married for 509 days! I am so thankful for Justin. He is an amazing husband and I can’t wait to see him be a dad to Maddox!!!!

I love you Justin… Happy 509th day of wedded bliss!


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