I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I have any crazy cravings. The answer. No. Nothing crazy..

My only two consistent cravings have been pizza and candy… Now, you should know that I love both of these, pregnant or not. Always have. There is the option of pizza in the school cafeteria every day and I think there’s only been 3 days that I haven’t gotten it. Embarrassing?? Who cares:) I also want candy. all. the. time. Not chocolate really. Mainly just hard candy. Like Gobstoppers or Nerds or Sweetarts! Mmmmm:)

In reality, I have actually experienced many more aversions to food, than cravings. I basically don’t want any meat at all. If you know me well, you know I have never been a big meat eater, but I pretty much love turkey and chicken. For the entire year I worked at the daycare I would pack 5 slices of turkey and dip it in mustard every day for lunch. Every day. Now the thought of turkey dipped in mustard makes me want to hurl…

I also loved Chick-fil-a. I’m talking, didn’t mind eating there all 3 meals in one day, loved it. If I go there now its a complete toss up on whether or not I will enjoy it. Sometimes its great, although I have had to change what I order and the sauces I use… No more nuggets! Other times, I literally spit the chicken into a napkin. I can’t have it in my mouth for one more second. Dexter especially enjoyed this the other morning when I got a chicken biscuit, took one bite and could not handle the chicken. I ate the biscuit and he got a whole piece of yummy fried chicken! Needless to say he was a very happy puppy:)

Poor Justin… I can never think of anything I want to eat and rarely want whatever he suggests… I’m pretty difficult… Thanks for putting up with me J. You’re the best:) I have just really started experiencing heartburn, {thank God for Tums} which also makes me stay away from a lot of things…. Lots of ice cream and yogurt for this mama:)

Is it possible for the husbands to have cravings? If so, Justin’s is caramel frappuccinos from Starbucks. He never really liked Starbucks until this summer. Now if we are ever early enough to school he’ll have me drop him off and go get him one… They know me by name now. Anything for my baby daddy.

Totally unrelated but I think every post needs a photo…. This is one I found on facebook of Justin as a little boy:) Far left. I just cannot wait to see what our son will look like!!!!!



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