home sweet home..

Justin had his first middle school football victory last night:) It was their first game and it was a big win! They did really well and the best part, it was in Dublin, so we got to go home! We brought Dexter and I think he knew he was home too… He jumped right out of the truck and ran around the yard so so happy:) We’ve been to the house a few times since school has started but we’ve only ever stayed the night one other time. It’s so nice staying there.. It feels comfortable. It’s our couch. It’s our bed. It’s our home.

As much as I want the house to sell I think I will be really sad when it actually does. It’s our first home. It’s full of really fun memories of our first year of marriage.. I’m so excited about this next chapter in our life and getting a new house and making a space for our little boy. I’m excited about making it our home.. I will miss our first house though. I know I will.. For now I will just relish in the time I do get to spend there:)

As I was running out the door to the game last night I was filling Dexter’s water bowl and looked over at the paper towels. The roll said, “home sweet home”. I couldn’t have said it better myself…..



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