happy happy!

Today is the twins birthday! I can’t believe they’re already two! It feels like yesterday we were sitting in that freezing cold waiting room anxiously awaiting their arrival!! Yet in some ways I feel like that was a lifetime ago.. Wait, it kinda was…. :)

Brooks and Reese hold a special place in my heart… I moved to Orlando a few weeks before they were born and then got to spend every day with them for the first 3 and half months of their life. It. was. awesome. I truly cherish that time. We had some really good times..

we took a lot of walks around Lake Davis

Did a lot of talking..

I could always count on them to help me cry about missing Justin…

And they were both sooo excited when they heard Justin was going to be their uncle!!!!!!!

I got to spend some time with Sarah and the twins a few weeks ago and it was so much fun! It is so cool to see their personalities and how they have become little people… They call me “Mags” and I love it! I wish so so badly we could be there for their birthday today…. I would just love to smother them in birthday kisses:)

Happy birthday precious not-so-little ones:) Uncle Justin, Mags and little baby boy cousin love you so much! We hope you have the best 2nd birthday ever!


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