Happy Birthday Ashtyn!

Ashtyn is one of my best friends… We met my sophomore year of college, her freshman year, and immediately became friends…. We were roommates my senior year and it was one of the funnest years ever! We’ve had so many good times and I really really miss getting to hang with her every day… She is now in PT school at the University of Florida.. Did I mention shes really smart?? Well she is:) And hilarious. And super pretty!! I just LOVE her..

We took road trips to Orlando for spring break every year… Best times ever! We would read out loud to each other, and lay out, and hang out with Sarah (who would pretend she was in college again and on spring break with us… ha!) and ride the world’s tallest sky coaster, and shop a lot! Fun fun times. She was also in my wedding last year and it meant so much to me to have her as a part of my big day! I am so super blessed to have Ashtyn in my life. Thank you Lord for such an encouraging and sweet friend…. I think everyone needs an Ashtyn in their life…  Like for real.

Happy 24th birthday Ash hole:) I LOVEEEE you so much and wish I could be with you to celebrate! I hope you have a fabulous dayyy!

P.S. The baby just kicked which has to mean he knows its your birthday and wants to send you love:)

We love youuu!



2 Replies to “Happy Birthday Ashtyn!”

  1. margiiieeee. that was the sweetest post of my life. i have a lump in my throat. i love you so so so much. and i can’t even tell you how special you are to me. i’m sooo thankful for you. also, i can’t explain the love i already have for your lil one!!!!!!!! this just made my bday :)

  2. I agree with the above statement: “Everyone needs an Ashtyn in their life”.

    Hope you had a GREAT birthday, Ash!!

    PS. See you at Bruner Thanksgiving?

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