This is real…

With every doctor’s appointment, with every time I look down and see my ever-growing belly, and every time I feel his tiny body move inside of me this whole thing becomes more and more real…

When I took the pregnancy test it was real, but kinda hard to believe because nothing felt different really…

And then the first ultrasound.. Awesome. I saw my baby for the first time and it had a heartbeat and arms and legs and was moving around.. Amazing!!! This is really happening..

And then Monday when they told us it was a boy and I could imagine for the first time holding my baby and it being a boy…  Seriously, I think it was better than Christmas morning for a 7 year old!!

He is no longer an “it” or “the baby”.. its he, and I wonder what he’ll be like, and who he will look like. So so fun!

The next step… giving him a name. We have a name we love.. We’ve been calling him by it the past few days just to try it out..  Its a pretty big deal naming your child though, so were thinking about it a little more and making sure:)

This whole thing is real and not just a dream. Those pictures are my son. He will grow up and be a man. Eeee! I’m just plain giddy!

In other news, big Trojan football game tonight, and you better believe baby and I will be there in our all John Milledge gear to support daddy… It’s a gator hunt tonight folks. Beat those Gatewood Gators (read in your best southern accent).  Go Trojans!!!!!



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