We moved…

No we didn’t sell our house… We just moved to the lake. We got tired of the one hour commute so we’re staying at Justin’s parents lake house until we sell ours. All of our furniture and most of our stuff is still in our house but everything we need for work, and Dexter, of course, is with us here… We are so blessed to have a house so close to work where we can stay rent-free!! I am definitely looking forward to being able to have our own home here, but in the meantime, living at the lake has some pretty nice perks:)

Waking up to this each morning isn’t so bad…

Dexter’s set up :) He’s not crazy about it, but it works…


Can this be considered a sunset boat cruise??

So romantic.

In reality this “cruise” lasted a total of 3 minutes because there wasn’t much gas in the boat and we weren’t sure how far we could make it… Having the option is awesome though and I hope we can do it often.



One Reply to “We moved…”

  1. I really think Dexter is going to be really Protective over Baby Mills! Johnahtan’s Dog at his parents house- Bambi- was Very protective just the first time she met Hannah Grace- sat right by her the whole time. Where ever Hannah Grace got moved to- Bambi was sure to follow!! : )

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