Goodbye Sweet Summertime

Summer is quickly coming to an end and I’m pretty upset about it… The ridiculously hot weather won’t let up for a while but the freedom associated with summer is fleeting. Technically I have “worked” all summer. 8:30-12, 4 days a week, really doesn’t count though. I will miss my naps with Dexter every afternoon. I’ll miss being tan. I’ll miss watching “My First Place” or “House Hunters” on HGTV. I’ll miss my long weekends.. I just love summer!

Justin and I had a great last kid-free summer. We can’t wait till next summer though when we have a 6 month old to take to the beach:) We officially start school next week. A week of pre-planning and then students will start Monday the 15. We are both excited to be at JMA and are ready for the year to begin but will miss our sweet summertime. Until next year:)

Here’s our summer in pictures..

Found out May 10 we were pregnant!!!!!!!!!

Did the beach with my family

Started new jobs at JMA

Went to lots of weddings!

Did the beach for the fourth of july:) super fun

Dexter and I did a lot of this.

   Did the beach (again:)) with Justin’s family!

Justin did a ton of yard work.. The yard looks really good:) Way to go J!

and we spent waaay too much time on the 441 north bypass…

Goodbye summer! See ya next year..


One Reply to “Goodbye Sweet Summertime”

  1. I LOVE the fall…it is my FAVORITE!!! So… when you are sad about summer being gone…just think about how happy I am that it’s fall….

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