doctors appointment…

It was a quick visit. They weighed me. I peed in the cup. They pricked my finger (worst thing ever… I know I’m 24, but I still HATE it.) and then we waited on the doctor. I wasn’t sure what else the visit was going to consist of, but was thrilled to find out we were going to be able to hear the heartbeat:) :) It was our first time. During the ultrasound at 12 weeks we saw the heartbeat but couldn’t hear anything.. Hearing it. was. awesome.

Doctor said everything sounded and looked great and I’m gonna see him again in 3ish weeks.. I will get an ultrasound and find out the sex of the baby!!!!!!!!! Seriously we can’t wait… August 22nd. My dads birthday:). The day one of our new nephews is due. It’s going to be a good day! We are so excited. Our prediction right now is that were having a girl, but really, who knows… We will see soon! Eeee.

16 weeks tomorrow:)

We love you baby!


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