I mentioned pinterest the other day.. I’m obsessed. It is so inspiring…. nursery ideas, crafts, recipes… you name it. With work being so super slow because of summer, pinterest and I have become really good friends… (I can send an invite to anyone that wants one if you just give me your email!)

Anyhow.. All the looking has given me lots of ideas. I’m pretty good at re-creating something I see, but making it up is where I struggle… So pinterest is just wonderful! People are giving away really awesome ideas all day long:)

I have been wanting one of those earring holders for a while now but knew I could make one instead of buying one. So I headed to Goodwill and bought this beauty….

I immediately removed the apples and held my breath while i spray painted the frame gray. We had some extra screen from when Justin had to repair some Dexter damage on the screen porch a while back, so I used a square of that. Staple gunned it to the back of the frame, and that was it. So easy and the whole thing only cost me about $2.50 because I already had most of the supply’s!

the finished product

I eventually want to hang it on the wall but am not going to make a new hole in the wall before we move so its sitting on the counter by my sink for now!

I’ve also purchased the supplies for this and these, I’m just extremely slow and all these beach trips are really getting in the way…



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