firsts this week…

I finished my first trimester :) I am 13 weeks today and cannot believe I’m a third of the way done!!!

6 weeks

9 weeks

11 weeks

I threw up for the first time since being pregnant… I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because of baby, I think I just got some sort of bug and was down and out for the day… While at the beach.. Not fun.

I had my first nap free week.. kinda weird? I would be lying if I said I never dozed off 20 minutes here and there, but it was my first week without a daily 2-3 hour nap.

I bought my first maternity shirt. We shopped in Jacksonville and the Forever 21 there sells maternity clothes:) I was so excited and bought me a cute shirt!

I ate my first hot dog in 10 years.. When I told Justin I wanted one he said, and I quote, “that makes me love you even more”.

We spent fourth of July in Fernandina for the first time! It was so much fun.. We went out on the beach in front of the house and could see tons of fireworks all up and down the beach! We just might have started a tradition:)

I took part in my first sparkler photo shoot… So much fun

And I parked in the “expectant mothers” parking spot at Publix for the first time…

What a great week!


6 Replies to “firsts this week…”

  1. Eeee! What a fun blog post this is….and totally laughed out loud when I read Justin’s hot dog comment. Quite funny.

    PS. You are the cutest pregnant girl in the whole wide world and I love that for you. Please keep rocking those tight tank tops and tan skin. Inspires me.

    Hi beach house!!!

  2. i love this!! i had soo much fun with you this weekend! much needed. :) love youuuuu. and i can’t believe you ate a hot dog. i laughed out loud when i read that comment.

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