12 weeks

No photos because A.) I didnt shower all day, so I did not request that Justin take my photo and B.) Even if I had showered and taken a photo I do not have the cord that connects the camera to the computer so I can’t upload any of my pictures anyways…..

I can’t believe I’m a week away from being done with my first trimester. In some ways it feels like its been a long time and then in others it feels like it flew by! I am still feeling great and feel so blessed to have had such an easy 1st trimester. I have had some “bad” days, but my bad is nothing compared to what other people go through! Praise the Lord. My main symptom is being tired all the time…. BUT I went two days this week with no nap and didnt even feel that tired. I am hoping that I am finally getting some energy back… I’ve been doing a lot of pinterest and blog reading at work and so I have all these fun and creative little DIY projects that I just haven’t even had the energy to attempt! I finally did a few today (I will post about them when I get the camera cord)

Justin and I are headed to the beach tomorrow! The office at the school is closed all week for the 4th… I’ve never heard of being closed a whole week for the 4th of July, but I don’t ask questions, and I’m DEFINITELY not complaining:) We will be with some family tomorrow-wednesday, and then Justin is playing in a golf tournament thursday-saturday and some of our friends are going to come stay at the house with us for that! Then its back home for a week of work and then back to the beach for Mills family vacation! I love summer:) Can’t wait for fireworks on the beach!

Happy Weekend!


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