“Hey all you Trojan fans, stand up and clap your hands!”

Justin and I started our new jobs last week and we are loving being at John Milledge!

Justin is just doing some summer baseball… a few optional practices, and 1 or 2 games a week! He is loving coaching so far and I am so proud of him:) He’s a really good coach..

I am a secretary in the middle school office and am also loving it! I’m really glad I started this summer so that I can get acclimated with the job and what all I will be doing in the fall. Basically right now I just answer the phones, greet people that walk in the building, shred a lot of papers, and take tuition checks! People still haven’t really figured out who I am but I’m excited about getting to know everyone at the school… Today I was asked by a dad what grade I was in! Ha. I wonder what they will think when I start showing…. :)

I took this picture of my office this morning.. It’s still in the works but I have a desk, computer, phone, and an extension.. I’m pretty big time. If you look closely under that outlet next to the copier you will see a box that is full of papers… I have been shredding pretty much every spare minute and still have that much left. Like I said, I’m big time.

We’re so excited about these jobs and being at John Milledge.. Now if we could just sell our house and move to Milledgeville.. Prayers would be greatly appreciated:)

Go Trojans!


2 Comments on ““Hey all you Trojan fans, stand up and clap your hands!””

  1. brunertown says:

    Way to go, shredder….I love your red chair…is this for all the important meetings you’ll be conducting at your desk? Perfect….

    Compass Knowledge Group would be so proud :)

  2. Rachel Youmans says:

    I am excited that I will get to see you this school year! I will make sure to come see you some mornings and say hello!!

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