Happy birthday sister!!!!

Today is my favorite little sisters birthday!!

She is twenty-tw0 and fabulous.  I have 4 siblings but without a doubt I spent the majority of my early years with Hannah. If I told you we always got along, played peacefully and rarely fought I would be lying and my mom would most definitely laugh out loud.. But looking back I really do cherish our years together. We shared a room until I was either a freshman or a sophomore in high school. We played “house”, dress up, basketball in the driveway, card games into the wee hours of the night, and made homemade music videos with the best of them… And while I remember not always getting along, I mainly have really fond memories of growing  up with my spunky little redheaded sister:)

Hannah plays volleyball at Georgia Southern now and she’s really good…With Justin and I living so close to Statesboro this past year I got to go to a good many of her matches and it was so much fun to watch her play! We’ll be a little farther away this season but I do plan on going to as many matches as I can since its her senior year!

I wish I could be with you to celebrate your 22nd year sister. Thank you thank you thank you for putting up with me all these years! Justin, Baby and I LOVE you so much!



3 Replies to “Happy birthday sister!!!!”

  1. Such a cute little photo of yall as babies!! Feels like yesterday..
    What a sweet post!
    Payton just took a look at your pics and said, “They look kinda different!” Crazy to think she is the age yall are in those younger years pics and it won’t be long until she is your age!

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