bye bye happy hollow…

Happy Hollow Daycare has been my place of employment for the past year.. It has been great and I have thoroughly enjoyed every day.

Look at those sweet faces…

A few months ago my wonderful husband, got offered an incredible job as the head baseball coach at a really good school. It’s where Justin went for high school and where he spent his first 2 years teaching! AND it’s in the the town where we met and got married :) As if that wasn’t good enough they offered me an job there too!! We are thrilled.

I am so sad to be leaving Happy Hollow though… I really have so much enjoyed being with my kiddies every day.. They keep the days interesting and make 8 hours fly by.. Not to mention all the stories Justin gets to hear! He loves my stories… I will miss my kids but am excited about what the future holds! Here are a few photos of my sweet little babies that I will miss so dearly..

He loves his pockets.. so cute!

Easter egg hunt!

Our “bus” for Wheels on the Bus!

With all my kids on my last day…

Bye bye Happy Hollow.. Thanks for an awesome year:)


3 Replies to “bye bye happy hollow…”

  1. Maggie, I know Happy Hollow has been blessed beyond measure to have you there every day, and that they – especially those sweet kids – will miss you even more than you’ll miss them! Congratulations on the next bend in your and Justin’s God journey. Thanks for blogging so I can peek in and pray!

  2. We will miss you Maggie! Avery loves you so much! I am sure I will see you when school starts back! I wish you and Justin the very best!!

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