It happened..

They said “I do”… Mr. and Mrs. Matt Attaway.  They’re really married. SOOOO happy :) :) :)

Lindsey’s dad walking her down the aisle:)

It was a great day.. We started early. Kristin, my wonderful sister-in-law, is AMAZING with hair and she did everyone’s! I think her total was 12 heads. She rocked it.

Lindsey was probably the calmest bride I’ve ever seen. So chill, so happy, and so pretty! The weather turned out great.. A little warm. Matt was a bit sweaty… Ok he sweated profusely. But he was so sweet and happy and it was really fun to watch him.Eating a Reese’s in her dress.. Her favorite!

They saw each other before the ceremony so that they could take all their pictures. Me and Lindsey Mills, Lindsey’s sister-in-law.. Ok, side-note, I just have to say that there were a ton of Lindseys. The bride went from Lindsey Mills to Lindsey Attaway..  Lindsey’s brother married a girl named Lindsey, so now she is Lindsey Mills, Matt’s sister is Lindsey Attaway, Lindsey, the bride’s grandpa is Lindsey Parker, and one of the girls that lives in the house we got ready in is named Lindsey. Whew, it was confusing. Anywho.. back to what I was saying.. Me and Lindsey Mills peeked out the bathroom window to see the reveal:) It was sweet and I kinda got choked up..

His face right when he saw her:)

Pictures were hectic because of the lack of rehearsal the night before but the photographer, Ashah, was awesome! She photographed our wedding last year and she is seriously incredible! We’ve known Ashah since before she was a photographer and absolutely love her.. She really really loves her job and you can tell! Way to go Ashah! Her pictures will be up Friday. Can’t wait to see them:)

The ceremony was so sweet. Simple and traditional. Beautiful!

The reception was beautiful too. Ashah just started using a photobooth at her weddings and it was so much fun!!! All the images are on her facebook page.. There are some hilarious ones!

All in all it was a perfect night and now the beautiful Mr. and Mrs. are relaxing in the Dominican Republic. So jealous:)

LOVE them. Congratulations friends.


2 Replies to “It happened..”

  1. You are so beautiful mags!!! I love Lindsey’s dress!! I’m so glad everything turned out so well. My fave things about this post: the red furry visor, the ramble about the lindsey’s (i could picture you actually saying all that.. haha) and Josh’s face in the fam pic.

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