SO excited!

All the festivities for Matt and Lindsey’s wedding start tomorrow and we can’t wait!!!

Lindsey is Justin’s cousin and we both love her so much. Me and Lindsey work together at a daycare that she started about a year ago! I’ve had so much fun working with her and we have gotten really close… I am so excited to see her walk down the aisle on Friday.. She’s going to make a beautiful bride!

She’s marrying Matt Attaway who is one of the funniest people we know. They just bought an awesome house in Milledgeville and we are hoping to buy one real close to them so that me and Lindsey can hang out a lot while the boys are playing golf next year:)

The wedding is at Matt’s parents house in Milledgeville. It’s a pretty house with a beautiful yard. The ceremony will be in the front yard and reception in the back yard by the pool! Its going to be gorgeous! The fun starts tomorrow with the Bridesmaids luncheon, Rehearsal, Rehearsal Dinner, and then wedding Friday night :) :) Sooo excited and ready for these two to finally tie the knot!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures to come :)

Pray for pretty weather!


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