Old Friends

Justin and I had so much fun at a wedding for an old friend of his last night! Anthony, the groom, and Justin went to high school together and lived together for one year in college. We don’t know the bride well but she made an absolutely a beautiful bride! It was such a gorgeous wedding.

The best part was that two of Justin’s best friends were both groomsmen in the wedding! They are twin brothers and I have gotten to know their wives over the years and they are just so sweet:) We were so excited to spend time with them!

Ben and Sarah.. We are seriously pumped about being closer to them after we move! Love you guys!

Brad, Tessa, Caroline (2.5), Emily(1.5) and baby girl on the way.. They are living in Arkansas for the time being, we miss them so dearly and love every minute we get with them.. Caroline and Emily have both grown up so much since we saw them almost a year ago! They tore up the dance floor and were so stinkin’ cute:) it was great to see y’all! We miss you already!

What a fabulous night!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Anthony McEver!


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