Nelson Family Vacation

A few months ago my oldest sister Emily emailed everyone with the dates for their family vacation and said anyone that wanted to join them was welcome.. It slowly came together and turned out that everyone could go the second half of the week. All eighteen of us… Justin and I left as soon as we could on Wednesday and took the rest of the week off work to be there! It was sooo much fun to be with everyone and just relax! There were 11 adults and 7 children under 6 years old… Not including the 3 nieces/nephews in utero… It was so much fun! Here are a few pictures from the trip.

                                       Me and Justin..

Me and Hannah laying out.. Hannah’s boyfriend, Gordon, unfortunately had a work filled weekend and couldn’t make the trip this time… We had some quality laying out time though.

My oldest sisters growing family: Jason and Emily, Bo(6), Ella(4.5), Jack (3), Sadie(1.5) and Baby #5 in utero.

Brunertown: Stephen and Sarah, Brooks and Reese(1.5), and Baby #3 in utero.

Bradford (1.5) at dinner! I didn’t have a picture of their whole family (and couldn’t fine one to steal) but I just love this photo of the B-man. So precious. Andy and Emily have a blog too

You think my parents enjoy being grandparents? I love their faces in this photo! Such big smiles:)

All the kids with their spouses… So fun:)

It was a perfect family vacation! Thank you New Smyrna Beach:)

P.S. Most of these pics are from Sarah’s camera. You can go here to read her blog and see all the fantastic pics she takes!


One Reply to “Nelson Family Vacation”

  1. LOVE it marge!!! I think i can describe each of the personalities of the Dowling kiddos just by their family pic. So awesome. Oh New Smyrna…many a book read aloud on that beach. haha!!

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